The 1957 Plymouth Salesman Data Book is probably one of the best sources for informatoin about the 57 Plymouth. It was made for dealers to teach them all major facts & figures about the new car model year, so they can answer all questions of potential buyers. Most salesmen dumped these books after the model year change. That makes the 1957 Plymouth Salesman Data Book a very rare and expensive item. With this reprint you can get all info for little money!

There are 160 inner pages overall. Covered Series & Models in this album:


  • 1957 Plymouth Belvedere 4-Door Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe
  • 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Club Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible


  • 1957 Plymouth Savoy 4-Door Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Savoy Sport Coupe
  • 1957 Plymouth Savoy Sport Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Savoy Club Sedan

Suburbans (Station Wagons)

  • 1957 Plymouth 4-Door Sport Suburban
  • 1957 Plymouth 4-Door Custom Suburban
  • 1957 Plymouth 2-Door Custom Suburban
  • 1957 Plymouth 2-Door Deluxe Suburban


  • 1957 Plymouth Plaza 4-Door Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Plaza Club Sedan
  • 1957 Plymouth Plaza Business Coupe

The content sections in this book are:

  • Index and Specifications
  • Styling Features
  • Body Features
  • Chassis Features
  • Engine and Transmission Features
  • Models, Colors, Trim and Equipment
  • Optional Equipment Features
  • Ross Roy Comparisons

This book is great for display at any car show and helps you to restore your 57 Plymouth back to factory specifications!

Original books are hard to find – you can wait years to find an example in acceptable condition. Plus, its expensive. That’s why we’ve decided to support you with high-quality reprints. Our goal was to create a wonderful collectible item for comparable little money.

What you’ll receive: A brand new, high quality reprint. The book has been transferred to modern printing standards such as colors and formats. Please keep in mind that even the best reprint is based on material being over 50 years old and therefore has imperfections. Size: 8.27 inches wide × 11.69 inches high.

Order your 1957 Plymouth Salesman Data Book today!