The 1955 Pontiac Showroom Album was originally made to present the 55 Pontiac models to prospects. Each dealership (depending on size and sales) received only a limited amount of books. Most salesmen dumped the literature after the model year change. That makes these albums (especially in very good condition) very rare – and expensive!

Thats why we’ve decided to offer reprints to the fan community. The content sections within the 1955 Pontiac Showroom Album are:

– New Body Styles
– Exterior Paint Options
– Strato-Streak V8 Engine
– New Dependable Chassis
– New Body by Fisher
– New Tubeless Tires

Each model is shown with a beautiful graphic of the car, instrument cluster and interior trim combinations. The models are:

Star Chief series
– Star Chief Custom Catalina
– Star Chief Convertible
– Star Chief Custom Four-Door Sedan
– Star Chief Four-Door Sedan

Chieftain 870 series
– Chieftain 870 Catalina
– Chieftain 870 Two-Door Sedan
– Chieftain 870 Four-Door Sedan
– Chieftain 870 Four-Door Station Wagon

Chieftain 860 series
– Chieftain 860 Four-Door Sedan
– Chieftain 860 Two-Door Sedan
– Chieftain 860 Two-Door Station Wagon

What you’ll receive: A brand new, high quality reprint. Made with love and passion for 55 Pontiacs. Our goal was to provide a book with an authentic look of the original, but due to modern printing standards the reprint differs in colors and size. Please keep in mind that even the best reprint is based on material being over 50 years old and therefore has imperfections. This is a hardcover book with 88 inner pages. Size: 11,69 inches (29.7 cm) wide and 8.27 inches (21 cm) high.