The 1955 Ford Truck Facts Book was given to Dealers and Salesman in order to learn the features of the new 55 Ford Truck models. From the foreword: “[…] this Truck Facts Book has been prepared to provide you with simplified selling data on our Courier and F-100 through F-600 series conventional trucks. It furnishes you with down-toearth information on our line of trucks which will make it possible for you to tell a convincing sales story to your prospects. […] You will find almost everything you need to know about light and medium duty conventional trucks in this one place, […]”

The book has 148 inner pages and provides about the following series:

  • 1955 Ford F-100
  • 1955 Ford F-250
  • 1955 Ford F-350
  • 1955 Ford F-500
  • 1955 Ford F-600
  • 1955 Ford Courier

The chapters are:

  • Triple Economy
  • Series
  • Features
  • Equipment
  • Comparisons
  • Glossary
  • Prices

What you receive: A brand new, high quality reprint, based on a very good original book. Please keep in mind that the content was made over 60 years ago – and has imperfections. Due to modern printing standards, the colors do not always match the original. Size is DIN A4 (210 × 297 mm or 8.27 × 11.69 inches).

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