The 1950s Buick Dealership Layout Guide is a very rare book and awesome masterpiece of art. Buick used this book to help dealers to improve their buildings and therefore attract more car buyers. It contains many Buick Dealership renderings in lovely colors.

The book has three main sections:

  • New Construction
  • Modernization
  • Expansion and Improvement

The foreword says:

Whats in This Book – At the At the beginning of the book you will find material that will help determine the requirements in space and facilities for any size dealership. The book then progresses to the proper selection of land to suit all dealership building needs – and from there to new construction, a major subject.

How the new construction can be planned and developed to best serve all dealership activities is covered in a comprehensive section, profusely illustrated. Next you’ll find an equally thorough coverage of modernization of existing buildings- and department areas, with before-and-after illustrations. This is followed by discussion and examples of the expansion and improvement of facilities – and by treatment of several special subjects.

[…] the book […] can serve most usefully as a springboard of ideas, a take-off for developing plans which can readily be tailored to particular circumstances and desires.”

Originals of this book are hard to find, especially in very good condition. You can wait many years for an original book! With this reprint you’ll receive a very collectable book in very high quality for little money. This reprint of the 1950s Buick Dealership Layout Guide has a hard cover. It is a little bit smaller than the original and varies in color due to modern printing standards. Please keep in mind that the book is based on material being over 60 years old and therefore has imperfections.

The 1950s Buick Dealership Layout Guide has 148 inner pages. Size: 11,69 inches (29.7 cm) wide and 8.27 inches (21 cm) high. Please take a look at the pictures! What you see is what you get.