The 1940s Buick Dealership Layout Guide Showroom Planning Book is one of the rarest vintage Buick literature items. It was used to plan new dealerships or rebuild existing ones.

It contains many graphics / proposals for the outside and inside view of Buick dealerships.

The sections within this book are:

  • Basis of Building Standards
  • Building Details
  • Building and Lot Selection
  • Showrooms and Waiting Rooms
  • Department Modernization
  • Customer Appeal Plans

Originals of this book are hard to find, especially in very good condition. If you have one, take good care of it! With this reprint you’ll receive a very collectable book in very high quality for little money.

This reprint of the 1940s Buick Dealership Layout Guide has a hard cover. It is a little bit smaller than the original and varies in color due to modern printing standards. It has 144 pages (incl. cover). Size: 11,69 inches (29.7 cm) wide and 8.27 inches (21 cm) high.