The 1956 Continental Mark II Story Book was made to tell the background story of one of the most expensive and exclusive cars of its day.

The Forward explains the intention of this book: “Perhaps “The Continental Story” starts with a chapter that we, the builders of the motor car itself, could never have written. When the  Continental Mark II was merely a dream taking shape on our drafting boards, we began to receive letters like this, addressed to William C. Ford: May I express my delight in the decision of your company to again produce this beloved masterpiece? I have never had the joy of owning a Continental, and doubt I ever will. This sad fact has not, and will not, diminish my pleasure in its beauty. All things lovely, though I may not possess them, delight me. May I then, thank you for bringing back this truly beautiful car, not only for those fortunate people able to own one, but also for those of us who must find pleasure without possession. Good luck, and may you keep to your father’s inspired design.” This letter is one of hundreds in our files. It tells, better than words of ours, why we are building the Continental Mark II.”

It has lots of drawings showing the 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II and beautiful rendings – one from the front, one from the side and one from the back.

What you’ll receive: A brand new, high quality reprint – keeping the original data, but transferred to modern printing standards such as colors and formats. Please keep in mind that even the best reprint is based on material being over 50 years old and therefore has imperfections.

Size is DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm or 8.27 x 11.69 inches). The book has over 50 pages and a hard cover. Please take a look at the pictures!